Sports Nutrition for Vertical Adventures

Become a better climber –

with Khumbu sports nutrition, specifically designed for climbers needs

Appropriate technique, precise control of your movements, mental prowess and physical power are basic requirements for mastering demanding training, competitions and tough climbing routes.

To make your body live up to these tasks, it needs the right nutritients. Because when they are missing, you will quickly feel exhausted, and with pumped arms, the next tricky hold will become nothing but impossible.

The good news: With KHUMBU  performance nutrition, your body gets exactly what it needs for climbing and bouldering – in each phase of your training or your route.

KHUMBU Prepare - Before climbing

KHUMBU Prepare supplies your body with all essential nutrients that it needs prior to your training. Because what it needs at this stage are high-quality carbs to fill the glycogen reservoirs so that in can constantly release power. Efficient vegan hemp- and pea proteins support the muscle tissue and increase your mental awareness, so that you are fully present and can deliver all of your capabilities, at every second of your climb.

KHUMBU Boost - During climbing

When you are already in full action, your body requires constant reinforcement of energy. This is where KHUMBU Boost comes in. Our gels deliver a variety of carbs carbs that can be quickly absorbed, so that your delivery of power remains on a constant level. BCAA amino acids protect and reinforce your muscle tissues, and natural coffein (in our Cola – Guarana gel) improves stamina and concentration levels. Keeping ‘Go hard or go home’ as your motto, you will take on every challenge.

KHUMBU Restore - After climbing

When you reached the ground again after a long and demanding climb, your body is craving for regeneration. No later than 30 minutes after your training or climbing session, you should give in to this request. KHUMBU Restore provides your exhausted body with all it needs right now: High-quality vegan proteins support the regeneration and maintenance of your muscle tissues, and perfectly balanced carbs will be quickly absorbed by your metabolism, filling up again your glycogen storage and prepare yourself for your next session. Because remember: After climbing is before climbing!

Ideally balanced ingredients

for better performance and stamina


  • Reduces glycogen depletion and thus supports muscular energy supplies
  • Reduces lactic acid build-up
  • Reduces the occurence of micro tears in the muscle tissue, which in turn would reduce performance
  • Promotes stamina


  • 100% Vegan
  • All bars are produced with 100% organic ingredients, most of which are raw (unprocessed)
  • We use carefully balanced top quality ingredients to support your needs, with cocoa butter, dates, almond butter, vanilla etc., as well as a meaningful addition of ‘superfoods’, such as ginger, hempproteins and cranberries.


  • Optimal ratio between proteins and carbs
  • Ideally tuned glycaemic index, depending on the specific use (before – during – after)
  • Energy will be quickly deployed, but on the same hand submitted constantly over a long period of time (thanks to the balanced combination of carbs)


  • Promotes the efficiency of protein synthesis
  • Quickly refills glycogen storage
  • Repairs muscular micro fissues

KHUMBU Climbing – More than just performance

At Khumbu, there are three things we keep close to our hearts:

1. Natural Performance: Inspired by the pristine alpine environment in front of our doorsteps, we aimed at using nature, and only nature to allow you to optimize your performance. All ingredients in our bars are organic standard, because really, nothing makes you stronger than the forces of nature! Also we don’t think that animals should be part of our ingredients, and this is why even our proteins are 100% vegan. Also for the gels, we took our natural approach as far as possible: We only use natural flavours and banned synthetic caffein. Instead, we use natural caffeine from guarana seeds.

2. A Clear Focus: When putting together our products, we fully had in mind the scientific evaluation of the physiological demands of climbing and bouldering: What is it that we as climbers demand from our bodies, and what type of ingredients at which point in time can support it best to achieve the highest possible performance? Our goal is clear: We want that you can climb and train longer and harder, so that in turn you can have more fun climbing and bouldering. And your body will be thankful too!

3. Real Support: When we at Khumbu look out of our windows, we can see the summit of Germany’s highest mountain. But the world of mountains is huge and stretches far beyond our horizons. A whole group of the worlds highest mountains are situated in Nepal’s Khumbu region, the name of which we borrowed for our products. Therefore, we have decided to provide support to the inhabitants of this beautiful, but also tough and demanding part of the earth, and support NepalAid of Tyrol, which coordinates social development projects in the Khumbu region.